July 11, 2010

Sweet Summer Sun-Day

...as we pedaled in tandem

cooled feet under the Bridge

in pools on stone

to the sound of water rushing, gurgling--



...as we shared the load back to town again

a couple well suited

a glory to You

with iced tea for reward

and sweet joy shared, in tandem.


Sweet summer Sun-day

...as we sliced through calm ocean

to survey the 'Hulks'--

time tested stalwarts, still steady,

with grapefruit slushie to follow

and sweet joy shared, in tandem.

Home again we cat-napped

and feasted on fowl

and sweet summer slices of

wet watermelon

and I lay me down as sun faded down

under fleece-lined quilt to read poems

and dream of sweet summer sun

in verse.


That was the gist of our sweet day. For the straight up detailed version go to my alternate blog: www.lindaskelton.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were a poet/blogger....nice poem/word pictures.

Meme said...

Beautiful!! LOVE THIS!! wow. Do you have more? I thoroughly enjoy (well-written) poetry...