November 3, 2008

He Loves Me!

I must add a note to the Peter Story. I've just been reading a new book called "He Loves Me" and came upon this quote:

The doorway into the Father’s love begins at the cross. Seeing what Father and Son accomplished together in that climactic moment defines love in a way that you can only experience in him. This is the love that will allow you to feel perfectly safe in the Father’s presence. It frees you to be exactly who you are, weaknesses and all, and never again have to pretend before him.
Then you will discover that life in God rises out of your security in his love, not your insecurity that you don’t love him enough. That’s the lesson Jesus wanted to teach Peter that morning by Galilee’s shore. Though Peter could not answer that he loved Jesus to the depth that Jesus asked, he had more to learn of the power of the cross . He had a fear of his own failures that had not been swallowed up by God’s love.

Just had to share it; it goes to the heart of what I am needing to learn( : I find it's one thing to hear profound truth with my head, but quite another to know it in my heart and live out of it.

Incidentally, the whole book is available to read on-line or download as a PDF file. It's good reading! and can be found at:

Just click on the link that reads: 'Download 1st Edition as a PDF File'

Blessings on you as you follow Him...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kathy! for the heads-up on this book. It's a good one!

Anonymous said...

Both of your entries on Love are moving and inspired. Thank you for sharing.

This morning I was pondering "Peter's Story" while munching a bowl of cereal in the sun on my patio, God brought to mind another aspect of this story... we are not able to love as God loves in our own strength --ever! It is the Holy Spirit in us that gives us that power. Peter wouldn't have had this capacity until later on. And Jesus knew that but Peter didn't.

Praise God, the redeemed have power 24/7 to live a victorious and righteous life. Even so, we do not apply it with perfection.