October 20, 2010

He's FOR US (an addendum)

Before I move on to the promised post on what it means to exist FOR GOD,  I have to sort out some observations on what it does and does not mean to say that God is 'for us'.  Drawn from my understanding of Scripture here are my thoughts:

What it does not mean…
    --God has my happiness at the top of His agenda.
    --God will never let me suffer or face deep disappointment or failure.
    --God wants me always healthy, financially secure and relationally satisfied (and He guarantees my children the same!)

What it does mean…
    --God has my best interest in view and arranges every circumstance to work for my good.
    --God is committed to making me like Christ and will see this project through to the finish.
    --God’s love for me will never falter, fade, or fail no matter what circumstances I find myself in.

These are things I know from Scripture, but they still sound very me oriented… I’m reading an author this week who calls this the ‘infatuated’ stage of my relationship with Jesus.  It is largely self-centered and tends to be all about me—my victories over sin, my joy, my growth—in short, all the good things Christianity has done for me.  "I love you for how you make me feel" is classic infatuation.  It’s a beginning but we’re called to more…

The honeymoon is over but the best is yet to come!

To be continued in Friday's post...

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